About Us

We Work Really Hard to Offer the Best Jumpers in San Bernardino!

Are we arrogant to think we have the best jumpers in San Bernardino, and that we are the best jumper manufacturer in the country?  We don’t think so, all we know is that we love renting and creating jumpers, and have received a lot of great reviews from our customers that makes us confident enough to make this claim.  One thing we do know is that when you contact Skybounce Party Rentals for your jumper and bounce house needs, you will get our very best when it comes to service, quality, and priceTo give us a try for yourself, call us now at (909) 246-6246!

About Skybounce Party Rentals

Established in 2001, and based in San Bernardino County, Skybounce Party Rentals manufactures, rents, and repairs all types of jumpers and other inflatable party equipment. Our mission is to bring a lot of bounce and laughter to any event. Our fun, exciting, and safe jumpers are sure to delight children and adults of all ages!

We have just about every kind of jumper here at Skybounce. If you want to see our newest jumpers please view the newest additions on our Rental or Sales pages.  You can also call us if you want to visit us at our location.  Whether it’s a birthday party in the park, a wild wedding party, or a company event, we have the products to make your occasion successful.  Please feel free to contact us or call us at (909) 246-6246 for your next event and we’ll help you get that party bouncing!

About the Safety of Our Jumpers:

Our inflatables are lead-safe. All our product materials are tested and verified to have lead levels below 70ppm (Particles per million). Federal limits on lead in children’s products are 90ppm for painted surfaces and 300ppm for all other parts.